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People who want to travel abroad for many reasons such as for a job, marriage, education, or business reasons must get their certificates attested. Attestation of Certificates is when documents are verified based on authenticity and are given a stamp that makes the document legitimate for further use. Getting your certificates or documents attested is very important as it acts as proof that you have no past criminal records and the nation to which you are planning to travel cannot have a potential risk.

The Attestation Services in Chennai are efficient and reliable in providing aid to the clients in this field of interest as it has the expertise in the same. The services include getting your documents verified and attested for legitimate usage. This guide will provide all the information on the procedure to follow, the required documents, and how our expertise will benefit you in attesting your document.

What Is Certificate Attestation?

Certificate Attestation is a procedure where documents are verified, and the home country authorities stamp the documents, making them legally binding. Certificate attestation is mandatory to visit foreign nations for various purposes like tourism, education, or employment. The attested certificates ensure that your travel to nations abroad is hassle-free. It also acts as a legitimate source for the officials abroad to know your historical background from your home country.

Attestation of Certificates is the essential step while applying for a visa. Attestation of Certificates becomes necessary for nations, not member countries of the Hague Convention. India is a nation with a vast population, and the attestation of certificates yourself might not be feasible due to the time constraint. And that is where the Attestation Services come into play, wherein they use their expertise, and your documents are attested within a specific period.

Why and When Is Certificate Attestation Required?

A certificate that is attested has many uses. The most important benefit of the certified documents is showing the document's authenticity when you visit nations abroad for employment, education, medical treatment, tourism, etc.

1. Degree Certificate

This certificate aids the officials at the university level. It helps the employer understand their academic background and data relating to their education. This certificate also proves having completed a course or a degree.

  • Attestation of a Degree Certificate is essential if one wishes to pursue higher education in nations abroad.
  • As the degree certificate provides information on an individual's academic background, the attestation can help authorities abroad know it is a legitimate source to rely on.
  • An attested Degree Certificate also helps individuals seek job opportunities abroad. With the degree certificate attested, one can quickly get a work visa.

2. Birth Certificate

The attestation of this certificate can help the officials abroad know your details and background and check the authenticity of the certificate. The attested certificate also allows nations abroad to verify if the individual is a threat to the country he is visiting or not.

  • An attested Birth Certificate aids individuals in guaranteeing their background and proving he does not pose a danger.
  • The attested certificate is used to change an individual's name or rectify spelling errors.
  • An Attested Birth Certificate is proof of identity while visiting foreign nations.

3. Marriage Certificate

While moving to a foreign nation, the attested marriage certificate acts as a legally bound document. It is the original proof of a person's marital status and includes details of both parties.

  • The attested marriage certificate ensures the authenticity of one's marital status and the originality of the paperwork.
  • If your marriage certificate is attested, you can easily apply for a family visa, resident visa, spouse visa, etc.

4. Export Document

Attested Exports Documents are needed to expand their businesses in foreign nations. The attestation of this document is crucial because it is associated economically.

  • Attested Export Certificates can help in acquiring privileges for export.
  • It also helps apply for work visas as it states that an individual works for a specific firm.

Documents Required for Certificate Attestation Process

Having your documents attested will make the paperwork more reliable and genuine for other processes relating to foreign visas, etc. If you don't get your documents attested, the visa application will not be approved. The following are the documents needed for the Attestation Procedure:

Original Documents Required are:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Degree Certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Export Documents

Supporting Documents Required are:

  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport application receipt
  • Copies of Aadhar Card

Process of Certificate Attestation

Having your documents attested implies that the authorities have verified them and then put the seal on them stating these documents to be legally binding. Attested copies make it easy to get approval on the visa application. The following are the processes of certificate attestation:

Attestation Of Educational Certificate

  1. At the first step the certification by the State Education Department
  2. Attestation of Certificate from Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Certificate Attestation by the Embassy at the last step.

Attestation Of Personal Certificates

  1. Initially, attestation of Certificate from the State Home Department is done
  2. Attestation of Certificate from Ministry of External Affairs
  3. At last, certificate Attestation by the Embassy.

Document Attestation of Commercial Documents

  1. Firstly, the attestation of the Certificate by the Chamber of Commerce is done
  2. Attestation of Certificate by the Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Finally, the certificate Attestation from the Embassy.

Time Taken to Complete the Process

Going to different offices and government bodies to get the documents attested can be too tedious and time-consuming. Attestation Guide is one of the Attestation Services in Chennai which have expertise in this field. The time-consuming process of getting your documents attested can be done if you hire our services. Hiring our service will prove beneficial because even a single attestation is done in two to three steps. Visiting these offices can be tiresome, but with the Attestation Guide, an authorized service with its contacts in the government offices can speed up your document attestation process. Our service will hire your documents within seven business days.

What Is the Cost of Attestation?

As attestation needs to be done by various ministries and departments located at different locations, it is required to move to all the departments for attestation. If you do the attestation by yourself, you might end up spending a lot of money on the same. But, if you hire the Attestation guide, it will cost you less.

The benefit of hiring services from an attestation guide is that your overall expenditure will reduce as you will not have to travel to different locations. You will also not have to send us your documents at your expense since we offer a free pick-up and drop service. To minimize these extra expenses, hire one of the authorized Attestation Services in Chennai that provides its expertise at a nominal fee and a free pick up and drop service.

How to Start the Process?

If you wish to hire our services, you can contact us via call, mail, or SMS. Our executive will get in touch with you within a few hours of contacting us, wherein the executive will ask you the services you want to choose and the documents you want to get attested. Once you mention the details, we will pick them up from your residence or any other desired location. In exchange for the papers, you will receive a receipt which you will be required to show while collecting the documents. Once the documents reach us, the attestation process will start. You will be given a tracking code with which you can check the status of the process; we also have an AI SMS system that will keep you informed about the process on a timely basis.

After the attestation of your documents is done, the paperwork will be mailed to you first and then sent via Blue Dart Courier Experts. If you feel that some more documents need to be attested at any point after the delivery of your documents, we will not ask you to pay any extra fee for that, and we will do it on a priority basis.

Why Choose Attestation Guide?

One of the best attestation guides for you is attestation services in Chennai, which the government authorizes. It is also one of the widely trusted attestation services known for its expertise and diligent work in the attestation. We aim to keep your documents and personal data confidential. You can also rest assured in terms of the security of your records as the agency takes extra care not to mishandle or misplace them. We follow a proper routine and a precise procedure to get your documents attested.

Our Highlights

  • Assured Premium Quality service
  • Decades of Experience in this field
  • 24 hours helpline facility
  • Speedy service
  • Nominal fees
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Maintenance of confidentiality of paperwork
  • Complimentary pickup and drop services for documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Countries Need an Attestation of Documents?

    Attestation of documents is necessary for use in foreign nations. The attestation process is a two to three-step process, wherein at each step, the record is verified and sent to get attested from the official bodies. Attestation of documents is mandatory in countries not member nations of the Hague Convention. There are approximately 90 nations that are member nations of the Hague Convention; apart from these nations, all other nations accept attested documents.

    The countries that accept attested documents require all the copies of the individuals to be attested by respective official bodies and the respective embassy. Attested copies are legally binding, and the visas are not approved without attestation of documents. Attested documents also help individuals to use these documents in nations abroad widely.

  • Who Can Attest Documents for Me?

    There are a lot of Attestation Services in Chennai assisting people around the city concerning attestation of documents. At times, the agencies take up the job but do not complete it or do the work half-heartedly, which adds to the stress of the individuals. Therefore, it is essential to choose a trusted service in the market that does its job diligently and makes its clients the topmost priority. Attestation Guide is one such attestation service that will get your documents attested for you in the given period at an economical price. There are other benefits of hiring this service, such as a free pick up and drop facility, 24 hours assistance, and more than a decade of expertise.

  • What If Your Documents Are Laminated?

    If you have laminated the original documents, we will remove the laminated surface carefully and then proceed with the attestation. Nevertheless, if the paper is very delicate, it can suffer damage in removing the laminated cover. In instances like these, you will be required to acquire new paperwork.

  • How Can I Access Free Pickup and Drop Services?

    Once you choose to hire the services of the attestation Guide, the package will automatically include a free pick up and drop service for your documents from and to the locations you desire. Since the agency collects and submits the documents with care, you can rest assured. You only have to pay a standard fee for the attestation process, which will be more than enough from your side.

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