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The attestation process of documents and certificates is the process of legitimization that ensures they are legal and authentic. It is a prerequisite when applying for a visa. Attestation Guide is a government-authorized firm that provides the best attestation services in Mumbai. The team at Attestation Guide has adequate experience and has professionals who are skilled in providing attestation services. We provide quality attestation services in Mumbai, and all your documents and certificates receive the attestation stamp or seal from the concerned government authorities in a legal manner.

What Is Certificate Attestation?

Certificate Attestation is an essential process through which any documents and certificates issued to you in your home country and have to be used in some other countries abroad are legalized by concerned government departments. This legalization process involves authentication of the documents and certificates with the help of the stamp or the public official's signature from the concerned department. When you are relocating to another country, certificate attestation helps prove to the authorities that your certificates are genuine and original.

Attestation of documents and certificates is crucial when these have to be used or presented in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. At Attestation Guide, you will find the best attestation services in Mumbai for your documents and certificates at highly reasonable prices. We offer hassle-free services, and our working system is transparent and systematic. Our motto is Customer Satisfaction which we aim to fulfill in all our services.

Why and When Do You Require Certificate Attestation?

Attestation of certificates and documents is necessary because of several reasons. It is primarily important because it helps to prove the credibility of the information in your documents and credentials when you wish to use them in another country or travel to another country for different reasons.

1. Degree Certificate

A Degree Certificate contains essential information about your academic qualifications. It has crucial details of the course you pursued which the degree was issued, and apart from the course details, it also mentions your credit scores and the name of the institution or university from where you pursued the course.

  • If you wish to pursue your higher studies from a college or university located in another country, it will be mandatory for you to get your degree certificate attested.
  • The information in the degree certificate helps you seek admission in a course or apply for a job relevant to your previous academic records.
  • Getting your degree certificate is not just necessary if you wish to pursue higher studies, but it is also required to apply for a work or an employment visa.

2. Birth Certificate

A Birth Certificate is a unique type of document that has important details of the individual and is a way to prove the individual's nationality. Attestation of birth certificates is very crucial when visiting another country.

  • An attested birth certificate helps prove your credentials and the place of your origin.
  • It is also required for the process of the name change of an individual.
  • An attested birth certificate helps acquire a visa and prove your identity in a foreign country.

3. Marriage Certificate

Attestation of a marriage certificate is a vital legalization process when you plan to relocate to another country. It acts as proof of marriage between two individuals and has essential information such as the names and other details of the individuals and elements of the wedding such as time, place, and date of birth.

  • Attestation of marriage certificates helps prove the genuineness and legality of one's marriage.
  • It helps validate the marital status of two individuals in a country that is not a part of the Hague Convention.
  • An attested marriage certificate helps acquire different types of visas such as spouse visa, family visa, resident visa, and helps procure sponsorship for your spouse.

4. Export Documents

Export documents fall under the category of commercial documents and have economic value. Attestation of export documents is required if you wish to expand the operations of your business and firm in some other country than the home country.

  • Attestation of export documents helps acquire privileges of legal exporting.
  • It is required to prove that you work as an employee in a particular company and want to apply for a work visa in this company.

Documents Required for Certificate Attestation Process

Attestation helps authenticate your documents and certificates for usage in a foreign nation. Without attested copies and certifications, your visa will not be approved by the authorities. The records required for the certificate attestation process are listed below.

Original Documents Which the Embassy Attests:

  • Degree Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Export Documents

Supporting Documents Required for The Attestation Process:

  • Passport's photocopy
  • Application receipt of the passport
  • Aadhar Card's photocopy
  • Passport-size photographs

Process of Certificate Attestation

Getting your documents and certificates attested ensures that these have been legally verified and approved by the proper authorities. Attestation confirms that you will face no legal trouble while travelling abroad for any reason. Below is the process of attestation for different categories of documents and certificates.

Attestation Of Educational Certificates and Documents

  1. Verification from the local notary or university initially issued the certificate.
  2. Verification from the State Education Department or the Human Resource Development Department of the State.
  3. Attestation of the certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  4. Attestation by the concerned nation's Embassy.

Attestation Of Personal Certificates and Documents

  1. Verification from the local notary where the certificate was initially issued.
  2. Verification from the State Home Department.
  3. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  4. Attestation by the concerned nation's Embassy.

Attestation Of Commercial Certificates and Documents

  1. Verification from the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Attestation of the documents from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  3. Attestation by the Embassy of the concerned country.

Time Taken to Complete the Process

If you wish to get your documents and certificates attested on your own, it will take a lot of time and effort. The period is likely to vary from weeks to even months. It is time-consuming because different departments are located in other parts of the country, and travelling takes time. Also, sometimes the documents and certificates get retained by various agencies for additional verifications and confirmations. Other unforeseen factors might cause an overall delay in the entire process.

If you want to cut short the time taken to complete the process of attestation, you can hire the Attestation Guide as your Attestation Services Provider. At Attestation Guide, we guarantee our customers that all their documents and certificates will be legally attested within a period of just five to seven working days.

What Is the Cost of Attestation?

If you want to conduct the attestation process yourself, it will be costly. Given that different departments are located all over the country, you will have to incur high conveyance costs. Also, different types of documents have unique verification and administrative requirements.

To avoid spending heavily on the attestation of your documents and certificates, you can contact the Attestation Guide for the attestation services we provide. Attestation Guide gets your documents and certificates attested for you within a week at minimal costs, and our services are inexpensive and at modest rates.

How to Start the Attestation Process?

To start the attestation process, you can contact the Executives at Attestation Guide by calling up or emailing. All relevant information is provided to you by the executives, and they will answer all your queries and clarify all your doubts. They will help out with all the formalities. Once all this is done, your documents and certificates are collected from your home or specified address. After the documents and certificates reach our team at the office, the attestation procedure begins. All the progress of the attestation procedure can be tracked online, and updates are also provided through other communication channels.

After the documents and certificates have been duly attested, they are sent back to you with complete, valid certification and verification. The certificates and copies are sent to you through Blue Dart Dispatch, and they are delivered to you right at your doorstep. You will be able to trace the return of your documents and certificates once they are shipped to you by the Attestation Guide. We provide free pick-up and drop-off services to our customers.

Why Choose Attestation Guide?

Attestation Guide provides premium quality attestation services in Mumbai and other cities of India. Attestation Guide understands how important it is to secure the credentials and information in your documents and certificates and understands the need for attestation. You do not have to worry about the safety of your documents and certifications and the legality of the attestation procedure if you choose to hire Attestation Guide as your attestation services provider.

We use a clear and transparent procedure and do not impose any irrelevant or unnecessary charges. The services offered are quick and efficient, and you are not required to pay anything extra for the attestation procedure. Attestation Guide strives to provide its customers premium quality assistance and services to the clients at any time of the day.

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  • 24*7 Customer Support available for 365 days of the Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Country Needs an Attestation of Documents?

    For documents and certificates to be used in another country, they have to be legitimized through the attestation process. The process is carried out by providing stamps or seals from relevant government departments and getting documents and certificates attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

    A country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention needs attestation of documents and certificates. There are around ninety countries that are a part of the Hague Convention. Apart from these countries, all other countries accept attested copies and certificates. Without attestation of documents and certificates, you cannot use them legally in another country to avail of different benefits.

  • Who Can Attest Documents for Me?

    Attestation services in Mumbai providers can assist you with the attestation process. However, not all these firms provide legal and correct services, and if they do so, they might not complete the process in time. Undertaking the process individually by yourself will take approximately weeks or even months. Thus, you should hire the services of a firm that has the government's approval.

    Attestation Guide has the government's authorization and will get your documents and certificates legally attested for you per the government’s guidelines. Attestation Guide provides services that are lowly charged and are quick and accurate.

  • What If Your Documents Are Laminated?

    Attestation is done only on original documents and certificates. Suppose they have been laminated, the certificate or document damaged by ripping off the lamination. When you send us your laminated documents, our team of professionals carefully removes the coating of lamination and begins the attestation process. However, if the documents and certificates are already flimsy, it will be best for you to procure fresh ones.

  • How Can I Access Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services?

    Attestation Guide pick up and drop off your documents and certificates for free. You can get their attestation done from the comfort of your home, and we carry out all the attestation procedures and necessary work. The price you must pay is minimal, and the services are pocket-friendly. After completing the process, the documents and certificates are dropped off at your place at no additional cost.

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Attestation Guide is good quality, good communication, and they are very knowledgeable person and provide us full information and full help to us.

The attestation, verification and apostille were new words for me. They did all that I wanted. I liked their approach, sincerity and serious work. I will always be obliged that they helped me. This was done in a time of 7 days. Wonderful and good work

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