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There are many people who want to travel abroad for many reasons, such as study, marriage, family, job, export, and many other purposes. But to travel to other countries, there are many document attestation that needs to be submitted to the official departments of government for verification purposes. Thus, at this stage, attestation of documents becomes a necessary act.

Legalizing relevant papers to establish their authenticity is known as certificate attestation. Attestation of certificates is as crucial as obtaining a visa. We, Attestation Guide, are a well-established organization in Mumbai with many experienced and qualified employees that can assist you with a certificate and document attestation. Mangalore provides the best services for getting your papers validated with a stamp and seal. Different Indian agencies must verify the credentials and reports. All of our certificate attestation services are accessible in Mangalore.

What Is Attestation of a Certificate?

The certificate attestation is a critical legalization step that allows papers produced in your home country to be utilized as legal documents in other nations by validating them with the issuing authority's official signature and stamp. It assists the leaders of the government to which you are migrating in verifying the authenticity and originality of the document issued by your native country. If you want to migrate to a foreign nation, having your credentials certified is required to utilize them as legally recognized papers in that country.

Attestation is performed for nations that are not signatories to the Hague Convention. We, at Attestation Guide, provide all three certificate attestations at our Mangalore branch at cheap pricing and with simple processes. Customer satisfaction is our mantra, which is why we make sure that all of our procedures are clear and transparent to our consumers.

Why and When Is Certificate Attestation Necessary?

An attestation certificate is a necessary document for a variety of purposes. The most significant aim of attestation is to demonstrate the legitimacy of your papers when you go overseas for work, medical, educational, or other reasons.

1. Degree Certificate

A degree certificate allows university officials or recruiters to learn about a student's academic history and relevant information, such as the course or degree they have finished, the GPA they received in a certain degree, and the college, university, or school they studied. It demonstrates that the person has completed a certain degree.

  • Attestation of a degree certificate is required to pursue further education at a college or university in a foreign country.
  • A degree certificate contains an individual's academic history, which aids them in pursuing higher education or applying for a job related to their studies.
  • It is required to have your degree certificate attested to obtain an employment or work visa or apply for higher education in a college or university abroad.

2. Birth Certificate

Certificate of Birth Attestation in Chennai refers to the process through which the appropriate authorities authorize this personal document. Birth certificates assist persons in proving their integrity and honesty to police from another nation and identifying whether someone is a risk to the country.

  • The attestation of a birth certificate allows an individual to establish their qualifications and where they belong, and this personal document also aids in a person's name change.
  • The attestation of a birth certificate will assist a person in obtaining a visa and verifying one's identification in another nation.

3. Marriage Certificate

If you are preparing to transfer to a foreign nation, marriage certificate attestation is a critical legalization step. A marriage certificate is official proof of a couple's marriage, including the names and details of both individuals, the time, date, and place of marriage, and other official information of one's wedding. It assists foreign authorities in verifying the genuineness and originality of one's marriage certificate.

  • Marriage certificate attestation in Chennai is performed to validate the marital status of two persons in a nation that is not a member of the Hague Convention.
  • Attestation of a marriage certificate allows one to get a family visa, resident visa, spouse visa, and event sponsorship.

4. Export Documents

People who want to start a business or expand their existing one in another nation must authenticate their documents. Because this document is economically tied, the firm's owner must testify to it.

  • Export Certification Documents will help a company gain legal exporting capabilities.
  • This is required to demonstrate that a specific organization employs you to apply for their employment and a work visa in Mangalore.

Documents Required for Attestation Process

Attestation will make your papers more genuine for usage in other countries. You will be unable to get a visa until you obtain attestation. The following forms are needed for document attestation:

The following original documents must be authenticated by the embassy:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Degree certificate,
  • Marriage certificate, and
  • Export documents.

Other required supporting papers include:

  • A passport-sized picture,
  • A photocopy of the passport,
  • The passport application receipt, and
  • The Aadhar card.

What Is the Process of Attestation?

Having your certifications signed and sealed by the authorities ensures that they have reviewed, validated, and authorized the paperwork. This assists you in obtaining your attestation, and you will have no problems going overseas for whatever reason. We have offered attestation techniques for several sorts of papers in this section.

Attestation Of Educational Certificates in Chennai

  1. The initial stage is verification by the State Education Department.
  2. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs Certificate Attestation.
  3. Embassy attestation of the certificate.

Attestation Of Personal Certificates in Chennai

  1. First, the certificate attestation from the State Home Department.
  2. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs Certificate Attestation.
  3. Embassy attestation of the certificate.

Attestation Of Commercial Documents in Chennai

  1. First, the Chamber of Commerce certifies the certificate.
  2. MEA or Ministry of External Affairs Certificate Attestation.
  3. The last stage is embassy attestation.

Time Required for The Completion of Attestation Process

If you wish to do the certificate Attestation process on your own, the time frame might range from weeks to months. This extended duration is required because, in some instances, many agencies must hold paperwork to be eligible for subsequent confirmations. Not only that, but other unforeseen issues have caused the treatment to be postponed.

Contact the Attestation Guide as your certificate Attestation service provider if you don't want to go through the lengthy procedure. According to the Attestation Guide, your qualifications and certificates will be certified within five to seven business days.

What Is the Cost of Attestation?

If you choose to do the attestation method yourself, you will certainly be charged more than anticipated. This is because the criteria of each document are unique and will need separate administrative approval. To complete the process, you will need to visit several organizations located around the nation. The extra travel expenses will be higher, but you can easily skip these overburdened times by calling the Attestation Guide, which can validate all sorts of documents and credentials in only a week for a low charge.

How to Begin the Process?

Contact Attestation Guide's executive through phone or email to begin the certificate attestation process. Our Executive will answer quickly and explain the method and other essential information. Once all required information has been filed and critical criteria met, we will pick up the papers and certificates from your residence.

We will begin the attestation process and notify you of any document changes online and in other media when the documents arrive. Blue Dart Dispatch will provide you with any papers with valid certification when the process is done. You will be able to track the reimbursement procedure after the documents have been mailed back to you. Our clients will be able to use the free pick-up and drop-off services.

Why Should You Use Attestation Guide?

Attestation Guide is one of the most reputable certificate attestation providers in India. Attestation Guide's attestation services in Mangalore recognize the significance of certified documents and stress your credentials' protection. If you hire Attestation Guide, you won't have to worry about the given documents and certificates since our experts will guarantee that you securely get your fully certified credentials. We follow a particular approach and will not charge any extra expenses. Above all, the process will be swift, and the Attestation Guide will charge no additional fees. Attestation Guide works hard to give you high-quality client service at all hours of the day and night.

Highlights of Our Work

  • India's top certificate attestation services firm
  • More than eight years of experience
  • Excellent client service
  • Quick response
  • The customer support line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Work that is honest at a fair price takes less time
  • Safe procedure pick-up and drop-off facilities are supplied at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which nations need document attestation?

    Papers must be validated by attestation or apostille before being used in another country. The method is carried out by obtaining stamps from the appropriate departments and applying them to the relevant documents. Attestation is required for nations that are not signatories to the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention includes around ninety countries, and except these ninety, all of them will accept attestation without difficulty.

    All documents and certificates must be certified by all necessary authorities, including embassies, in countries where attestation is recognized. This is an essential step because the papers and certificates would have no legal validity without them. The attestation of documents and certificates allows people to use them in another country for their benefit.

  • Who can attest the documents for me?

    Mangalore Certificate Attestation Services are widely available in the market and can aid you with this process. The issue comes when the service provider is unwilling to conduct the operation appropriately, and even when the method is perfect, it is not finished fast enough. If you want to do the treatment yourself, it will take weeks to months, which is why it is best to choose a reliable and government-approved service provider.

    Attestation Guide is a government-approved attestation services provider, and we will safely get your documentation through the Mangalore Embassy Attestation. Attestation Guide will also provide low-cost services.

  • What if I have laminated documents?

    The originals have an attestation on the back. If the sources have been laminated, we will remove the coating and proceed with the attestation. The chance of a flimsy document being damaged, on the other hand, cannot be ruled out. In such cases, we recommend that you purchase new ones.

  • Will I have to pay for the papers when I pick them up?

    Attestation Guide offers free pick-up and drop-off services. You will be able to relax in the comfort of your own home while we complete all of the essential paperwork for attesting your papers. The only fee you will have to pay is the attestation services, which are similarly reasonably priced. After completing the attestation of all of your credentials, we will securely deliver them to your home at no cost.

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Attestation Guide is good quality, good communication, and they are very knowledgeable person and provide us full information and full help to us.

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