Certificate Attestation Services for UAE Embassy in India

When someone plans to stay in the UAE for work, Study or a Bring family with them, the UAE embassy's attestation is an important factor.

For visa requests, this process will need to be done on the documents.

What Exactly Is UAE Embassy Attestation?

The Attestation is a process that has to be followed by the certificates and documents that are to be used in the UAE.

UAE Embassy attestation will involve various kinds of documents and authorities that are responsible for their initial verification.

UAE Embassy Attesting is a process that is used to confirm that documents can be used in the UAE.

When Does Certificate Attestation for UAE Need to be done?

Embassy attestation is required when documents and certificates are to be used in a country for different reasons.

Degree Certificate

  • A degree certificate is proof that a person has taken a course in the past.
  • A degree is a very significant key to have if you want to work or study in UAE.
  • individuals who wants to lead a better professional life must get this certificate attested

Birth Certificate

  • This certificate important while taking admission to schools
  • Birth certificates Attestation is necessary for granting child visas.

Marriage Certificate

  • A marriage certificate stamped by the embassy will help you get a family visa.

Export Document

  • People who want to start a business in UAE or make it bigger will have to attest Commercial Documents.
  • Getting the legal right to export will be easier if export documents are attested.

Documents Required For Attestation

Along with the original documents, a copy of your passport is needed as proof of identification.

Note that supporting documentation are not necessary for newly born babies.

The process of Attestation by the Embassy

Here is the process of Embassy Attestation

  • Level 1: The papers are certificates that will be checked by a local authority.
  • Level 2: At the State level, documents and certificates will go from verification from different departments depending on their type:
  • Personal Documents will be verified by Home Department or by Sub Divisional Magistrate
  • Professional and academic documents will be verified by HRD ( Human Resource Development ) Department
  • Commercial Documents will only get verified from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Level 3: Once the state level verification is over, documents and certificates will be eligible for the authentication by MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs )
  • Level 4: The last will be Embassy Attestation.

Time Taken To Complete the Process

If done individually, the time frame can range from weeks to months Due to a lack of understanding of the procedure.

However, if you choose to deal with Attestation Guide as your service provider, you won't need to worry as much about the timeline since we can deliver your properly attested documents in just 5 to 7 working days.

This is because we follow a working method that is extremely systematic and causes no delays or backlogs because we are a government-approved service provider. With Attestation Guide, you won't experience any stress or additional strain about the security of your documents because we'll take care of everything and return your attested documents to you within a week.

What Is The Cost Of Attestation?

The cost of attesting a document depends on what kind of document it is.

The price ranges from rs 8100/- to rs 9100/- for educational and non-educational documents.

It can be reduced if more documents are collected together.

How to Start the Process?

Contact the executive of Attestation Guide to begin the Embassy Attestation Process. Our Executive will personally attend to you and explain the procedure and other formal details. After all processes have been completed, we will collect the paperwork from your doorstep. After we get the documents, we will begin the attestation process, and you will be able to receive updates from us and follow the document online.

After the process is done, all the documents with proper embassy attestation will be sent to you with the help of Blue Dart.

Once the documents are dispatched for returning to you, you will be able to track the returning process as well.

if you are worried to send documents by courier you can also submit documents physically at our office different cities location like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or if you are in other parts of India so we will collect documents from your address by blue dart which is one of the best courier company in india .

Why Choose Attestation Guide?

Attestation Guide not only understands the need for attested documents but also cares about the safety of your documents as well. If you will hire Attestation Guide, you need not worry about your documents at all because we will make sure that you receive your fully attested documents safely. We follow a very transparent process that will help you in understanding the charges we take.

Above all, the process will not be delayed and you will not have to pay any extra money for the Urgent services we provide. At Attestation Guide, we aim to give top quality customer services and every doubt of yours will be solved with utmost respect and patience.

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