UAE Embassy Attestation in Hyderabad

The United Arab Emirates attracts many people from around the world every year. People are interested in the rich culture and the infrastructure associated with the UAE. Along with travel enthusiasts, many people relocate to the UAE for getting a better education, to upgrade their standing professionally, to open a business, and also UAE for a better quality of life. When someone travels to any foreign country, the necessary documents must be verified properly by the government authorities and the embassy of the concerned country. This verification process is named attestation and is done only on original documents that will be required by an individual to prove their genuineness.

UAE Embassy Attestation in Hyderabad is taken care of by many attestation service providers. It is suggested to take help from any of these attestation services to avoid the mistakes that can take place while getting documents attested all by yourself. Attestation Guide is an authorized attestation service provider with expertise in this field. We will safely move your documents from one process to another as we work in a very systematic way.

What Is UAE Embassy Attestation?

The process through which certificates and documents are verified by the relevant embassy departments to prove the legitimacy of the information they carry is termed embassy attestation. The process of embassy attestation is done for the documents that are to be used outside the country. It is very significant to attest the documents properly for getting the legal rights to use them in the UAE. Without the documents being attested properly by every department and then finally by the embassy, no individual can acquire a visa for the UAE.

Certificate Attestation plays an important role in proving the legitimacy of the documents and the main reason for your travel or stay. Even if an individual only wants to travel, a few basic certificates need to be attested. But the certificate attestation is mainly done for individuals who want to live in the UAE for a longer period for any reason like pursuing a career, building a business, or for those who want to permanently relocate there. The main purpose of the certificate attestation is to prove that you mean no harm to the UAE that all the details that the document carries are true and you are not a fraud.

Why Is Embassy Attestation Important?

For acquiring the validity of documents for the UAE, the embassy attestation is important. UAE Embassy Attestation will help individuals get the legal rights to use the documents in the UAE for various purposes. The attestation process is also important for proving the originality and legitimacy of the documents. Thus, approval by the central government department is as significant as the UAE Embassy attestation. Attestation of certificates and documents can benefit one in the following ways:

1. Degree/Educational certificate

It is significant to get your educational documents verified from the departments to get a student or work visa.

  • Students seeking higher education in the UAE must get their education-related documents attested by the departments to get admission in any institute in the UAE, and also for acquiring a study visa.
  • Professionals looking for growth in their career and wanting a better job opportunity in the UAE should get all the required documents attested to be accepted in the UAE during the interviewing process, and for getting a work visa as well.

2. Birth Certificate

A birth certificate can be considered a private record that includes all information related to the name, birth date, and place of birth of a particular individual. This is one of the best documents which can be used when you are traveling to any other nation. This can be used to verify your nationality.

  • This kind of document must be attested by the UAE embassy as it will prove the correct nationality of the individual. If you want to appear for any other school, you will need it too.
  • This can also be used by the people who wish to move away from their home place and shift to some other nation permanently. The birth certificate can help to change your name as well.

3. Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is one of the documents which is exclusive for couples only. The married connection between two people can be considered in this respect as well. The relationship status of any individual can be proven with the help of this kind of certificate.

  • The marriage which is attested by the embassy can be proved as a true relationship in the UAE.
  • This can be used to apply for a resident visa, a spouse visa, a family visa, or a dependent visa.

4. Police Clearance Certificate

A PCC can help to declare a clean criminal record of any individual. The PCC can list out the behaviors which were written by an individual in the past and were not legal in a perfect sense.

  • PCC can prove the innocence of a person when they are applying for a visa for any foreign country.
  • The clean chit which is provided by the authorities can be verified with this kind of document verification.
  • Visa acceptance will be expedited when PCC is provided with no criminal record in the past.

5. Export Certificate

If you are someone planning to start a business in the UAE then you must get all the commercial documents attested from the respective departments to get a business visa and permission to run a business.

  • The people who have been associated with the business can gain access to this kind of export document.
  • The legal exportation rights can be gained with the help of Export Document Attestation.

Certain rules have to be followed while people migrate from one country to another and that is why the attestation process has been made mandatory for avoiding any complications in the future.

Documents Required for Attestation

Certificate Attestation is mandatory for using any document to be used in the UAE. Only original documents that are attested can be used outside the native country's premises. For getting a visa for the UAE, it is important to get the documents attested properly by every relevant department. The documents are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Export certificate, etc.

Other supporting certificates:

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport application receipt
  • Photocopy of Aadhar card

If the UAE officials find someone using documents that are not attested, then strict legal actions can be taken against them as suggested by the law.

Process for the UAE Embassy Attestation in Hyderabad

Attestation Guide is a government-authorized attestation service provider. Thus, we follow the same path that has been laid down by the government for the attestation process. All the required documents must be attested by the following authorized bodies step-by-step if you are traveling to the UAE from India:

Step 1: Authentication at the local notary

All the documents needed for the UAE embassy attestation should be verified first by the local notary. This is the same place from where the documents would have been issued initially.

Step 2: Authentication at the state level

  • Documents related to education should be sent to the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department for regional verification.
  • Documents and certificates related to the business/ commerce should be re-verified by the Chamber of Commerce on the regional level.
  • For the confirmation of personal documents, they should be sent to the Home Department of the state.

Step 3: Authentication/ Attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

MEA will provide a signature or stamp which will attest to the credentials for further process. It is significant to get the documents attested by the MEA before sending them to the UAE Embassy.

Step 4: Final attestation by the UAE Embassy

Following the processes of the attestation provided by the home government, the documents can be sent to the UAE Embassy for the final attestation. Documents will get attestation only if they will be verified by all the authorized bodies.

Time Required for Attestation

The overall time required depends upon the type of documents as well as the methods that are being used. It also depends upon the state and the local government. The time that they take to verify the documents is also a major variable. This is a very time-taking process and especially if you choose to get it done all by yourself, it might take around a month or even more. The same can be further delayed owing to such circumstances.

But, if you hire a professional company like Attestation Guide, it would take not more than 5-7 working days as we are the experts and know how to deal with all the steps. Once the documents and the certificates are verified by the different government authorized departments, they will get attested by the UAE Embassy. Once the overall procedure is done, we will send you the attested documents at your doorstep.

Cost of Embassy Attestation

There are three factors that determine the cost of the entire embassy attestation process and these include the type of documents or certificates which have to be attested, the total number of documents to be attested, and if there are any special or specific verification needs of the document or certificate.

If you hire Attestation guide, you will not need to appear in person at departments or anywhere else. This will reduce your overall traveling expenses. Also, our charges are so nominal. Attestation Guide also offers free pick-up and drop-off services for the documents. With the tracking id given by us, you will be able to track the status of your documents from the comfort of your own home.

How to Start the Process?

If you want to begin with the process of embassy attestation you have to contact the Attestation Guide's executive. The details of this information can be found on our official website and our executive will be on your side at every step of your journey. You have to fill up several formalities which will be picked up from your doorstep. The process of attestation will be gained after we receive every document that we need. You will be receiving your embassy attestation documents with the help of Blue Dart Dispatch after the process is completed.

You will enjoy stress-free and top-quality services from the Attestation Guide. Attestation Guide makes sure that all your documents are attested right on time by the designated authorities and handed back to you within time. This is a small glimpse of our services and the way we work. For getting UAE Embassy Attestation in Hyderabad, you can contact the Attestation Guide. We offer 24x7 customer service.

Why Choose Attestation Guide's Services?

Attestation Guide will help you in every step of the procedure being done for the UAE Embassy Attestation while providing the satisfactory service that you deserve. The UAE Embassy Attestation can be very tactful; thus, it is recommended to take help from a trustworthy service provider. Many times, if done by yourself, the documents get misplaced or an individual forgets to get verification from the assigned department. In such cases, all your energy and time go in vain.

To prevent this distress in the future it is better to get help from an authorized services provider, like Attestation Guide. We, at Attestation Guide, will provide you with high-quality and safe attestation of your certificate without making any mistakes. By choosing Attestation Guide, you will get the following benefits:

  • Our staff will solve any queries you might have about the attestation procedure
  • We will be available 24x7
  • We will give you free pick-up and drop-off services for your documents
  • No unnecessary charges will be included in the fee
  • We work transparently and you will get regular updates about your documents
  • We have experience of more than eight years and we provide a high-quality attestation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Countries Need Attestation of Documents?

    The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. Embassy attestation is required to confirm the legitimacy of papers and to obtain various types of licenses. 98 countries have been included in the Hague Convention and every country under this sector has to accept attested documents. The UAE is not a part of this convention and they require different validation procedures to provide a visa.

  • Who Can Attest Documents for Me?

    Attestation guide is one of the service providers who will be able to provide quality work for getting your UAE documentation for attestation services. The work is done at an affordable price.

  • What If Your Documents Are Laminated?

    Embassy attestation cannot be done on laminated documents even if it is done for preservation purposes. Our professionals handle laminated documents with care so that attestation can be done properly.

  • How Can I Access Free Pickup and Drop Off Services?

    Attestation Guide can help their customers to move through the process and pick up the documents for the benefit of the customer. It is also expected that the customers will receive the document safely within 5 to 7 days with the help of Blue Dart Dispatch. The entire process can be tracked with the help of a link.

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