A guide to get UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai.

The United Arab Emirates is an extremely attractive place. People want to live in the United Arab Emirates because of the professional opportunities there.

Document certification is required for anyone entering the UAE for employment. It is important to have the UAE Embassy's Attestation.

Attestation Guide offers the best service for the UAE Embassy attestation in Mumbai.

What Is UAE Embassy Attestation?

This procedure is needed to make sure that the documents are genuine.

The act of validating the use of documents in the UAE is known as UAE Embassy Attesting.

When Is an Embassy Attestation Required?

When documents and certifications from one country need to be used in another country, an embassy attestation is required.

  • 1. Degree certificate: The term "degree certificate" refers to a document that is either academic or professional in nature.
  • A degree certificate is essential for obtaining a UAE work visa.
  • 2. Birth certificate: It is necessary for your child to stay in the UAE that this document be attested by the UAE Embassy.
  • 3. Marriage Certificate: To apply for a spouse visa, a family visa, or a dependent visa, you will need a marriage certificate that has been attested by an embassy.
  • 4. Export documents TAnyone wishing to launch or grow a business in the United Arab Emirates is required to certify to this document.
  • Export Document Attestation can help you get legal permission to export.

Documents Required for Attestation

Original document that requires embassy attestation and a copy of the front and back of your passport

Embassy Attestation Procedure

The following is the procedure for obtaining UAE Embassy Attestation.

  • Level 1: Local authorities will conduct document verification.
  • Level 2: Several departments at the state level will check the following types of documents and certificates:
  • Personal documentation will be checked by a Sub Divisional Magistrate or the Home Department.
  • The HRD (Human Resource Development) Department will validate academic and professional certificates.
  • Only the Chamber of Commerce will verify commercial paperwork.
  • Level 3: Once the verification at the state level are done, the MEA will be able to certify the documents (Ministry of External Affairs),
  • Level 4: Embassy Attestation will be the last step, which will be done by the UAE Embassy.

Time Taken to Complete the Process

We'll return your correctly certified documents to you in only one week, so you won't need to worry about the timeline. We are a service provider recognised by the government.

What Is the Cost for UAE Attestation?

Educational & Personal Document Attestation Cost rs 7100 to 8100 per Document.

Commercial Documents Cost rs 55000/- per document.

How to Start the Process?

You can contact Attestation Guide's executive to begin Attestation Process. We will pick up the papers from your doorstep.

After the documents are received, we will begin the attestation procedure, and you will be able to receive all updates from us.

After the process is completed, Blue Dart Dispatch will provide you with all of the documents with proper embassy attestation.

Services for pick-up and drop-off will be free in Maharashtra.

Why Choose Attestation Guide?

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What If My Document Is Laminated?

Because Embassy Attestation cannot be performed on laminated documents and diplomas, many of us get them laminated for our own protection. Do not attempt to remove the lamination or touch it in any way as this could harm the document. The best option is to submit the documents to us, where our professionals will remove the lamination in a safe and efficient manner that won't affect the documents.

How I Can Access Free Pickup And Drop Off Facilities?

You just have to contact us and our executive will guide you with everything. They will ask for your address and we will pick up your documents from your doorstep and deliver them to you in a week.

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