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Your trip around the world will need your documents to be completely attested. There is a very important need for getting your documents attested. When people want to go abroad for various purposes such as education, marriage, or job purposes, they must have their documents attested by the assigned authorities.

The attested certificates assist the authorities in the nation to which you are relocating in verifying the authenticity and originality of the documents issued by your native country. If you plan to relocate to another nation, having your certificates certified is required in order to utilize them as legally recognized documents in that country.

What Is Certificate Attestation?

The certification of relevant documents to establish their authenticity is known as certificate attestation. Attestation of certificates is just as crucial as obtaining a visa. Attestation Guide is a well-established organization with skilled and experienced professionals who can assist you with the attestation of certificates and documents. The documents and certificates must be verified by different authorities. We provide all of our certificate attestation services in Delhi.

The attestation of certificates is a critical legalization procedure for certifying the documents. With the official signature and stamp of the issuing authority, your home country's documents can be used as legal documents in other countries. The attestation process is carried out for those nations which are not Hague Convention's members. We, at Attestation Guide, offer all types of certificate attestation in Delhi at affordable pricing and with simple procedures. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us.

Why and When Is Certificate Attestation Required?

For a variety of reasons, an attestation certificate is a necessary document. When you travel overseas for a job, medical treatment, school, or any other reason, the most important aim of attestation is to show the credibility of your documents.

1. Degree Certificate

A degree certificate allows university officials or recruiters to learn about a student's academic background and relevant information, such as the course or degree they have completed, the GPA they earned in a particular degree and the college, university, or school they attended. It is evident that a person has earned a specified level of education.

  • Attestation of a degree certificate is required to pursue higher education in a foreign country at an institution or university.
  • A degree certificate comprises an individual's academic history, which aids them in pursuing higher education or applying for a job that is related to their studies.
  • To obtain employment or a work visa, or to apply for higher education at a college or university overseas, you must have your degree certificate attested.

2. Birth certificate

Attestation of a birth certificate refers to the process of having a personal document approved by the appropriate authorities. Birth certificates assist individuals in proving their morals and honesty to foreign officers, as well as identifying if someone is a threat to the country.

  • An individual can establish his or her credentials and where they come from by having a birth certificate attestation
  • This personal document is also essential when a person's name is changed.
  • The attestation of a birth certificate will assist a person in obtaining a visa as well as verifying their identification in another nation.

3. Marriage Certificate

If you are seeking to migrate to another nation, attestation of your marriage certificate is a must. A marriage certificate is formal proof of a couple's marriage, and it includes both parties' names and contact information, as well as the time, date, and location of the wedding.

  • It assists foreign authorities in verifying the authenticity and originality of one's marriage certificate.
  • Marriage certificate attestation is done to validate a couple's marital status in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention.
  • A family visa, a resident visa, a spouse visa, and even a sponsorship for the spouse can all be obtained by the attestation of a marriage certificate.

4. Export documents

People who want to start a business or expand their existing business in another country must first obtain their business license. The business owners must attest to this document because it is economically tied relating to it.

  • A company's ability to secure lawful exporting privileges will be aided by the attestation of export documents.
  • This is required to demonstrate that you are employed by a certain organization in order to apply for a business or export visa.

It is an extreme necessity to get your documents attested when you are willing to get to any other country. Embassy attestation is not that complicated process but the process is considered to be very important for authentication. These documents will speak very highly about your government credentials and prove your worth to the other nations as well.

Documents Required for Attestation

Your documents will be more authentic for any type of use abroad after they have been attested. You will not be able to get your visa accepted without attestation. The documents required for your document attestation are:

Original Documents to be attested by the Embassy

  • Birth Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Export Documents
  • Marriage Certificate

Other needed supporting documents

  • Passport Application Receipt
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card

Process of Certificate Attestation

Getting your certificates signed and sealed by the authorities ensures that the documents have been checked by them and are verified and approved. This helps you get your attestation and you will be facing no trouble when traveling abroad for any purpose. Here we have provided the attestation procedures of different types of documents.

Educational Certification Attestation

  1. Initially, the process starts with the verification done at the State Education Department
  2. Secondly, the certificates are going to be attestation with the help of MEA or Ministry of External Affairs
  3. At last, the certificates are to be attested by the embassy.

Personal Certification Attestation

  1. Firstly, the State Home Department is responsible for certificate attestation
  2. The certificate is then attestation by the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Certificates are attested by the assigned embassy as the final step.

Commercial Certification Attestation

  1. Here, as the first step, the attestation is done by the Chamber of Commerce
  2. After that, Certificates are attested by (MEA) or the Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Finally, the role of Embassy attestation comes into play as the final step.

Time Taken to Complete the Process

If you want to do the certificate attestation yourself, the time frame could range from weeks to months. This time frame is important since, in some cases, papers are kept by many authorities in order to qualify for extra confirmations. Furthermore, there are other unanticipated issues that have caused the treatment to be postponed.

Contact Attestation Guide as your certificate Attestation service provider if you don't want to go through the lengthy process. Your credentials and certifications will be certified within five to seven business days if done by the professionals of the Attestation Guide.

What Is the Cost of Attestation?

If you decide to do the attestation yourself, you will almost certainly end up paying more than you anticipated. This is because each document's criteria are individual and will necessitate separate administrative confirmation.

To complete the procedure, you will need to visit a number of agencies across the country. The additional travel expenditures will be higher, but you can simply avoid these overburdening periods by contacting the Attestation Guide, which can verify all types of papers and credentials in as little as a week for a little fee. We are also providing free pick-up and drop services for your documents. So, you don't have to be worried about the cost of the attestation procedure.

How to Start the Process?

You have to start the process of attestation with the help of our executives at Attestation Guide. You have to call up or reach out through email to these people. The information and documents which are required by the authorities must be provided. Any question which you ask is answered by us. The processes related to the formalities are completed with the help of our authorities. Each of these documents, which will go through the attestation, will be sent to your home after the attestation. When you need any updates or if you want to track the details online, you will have the right links to do so. There are some other modes of communication as well.

The documents will be duly attested with the details that you have provided, and they will be sent back after they have been verified. Blue Dart Dispatch is the group that will make sure that your documents are sent to your doorstep. Free pick-up and drop-off services are provided.

Why Choose Attestation Guide?

In India, the Attestation Guide is one of the best certificate attestation services. The necessity of verified papers is recognized by the Attestation Guide, but the security of your credentials is also emphasized.

When you work with the Attestation Guide, you won't have to worry about the papers and certifications that are provided because our experts will make sure that you get your fully certified credentials safely. We follow a very clear procedure and do not charge any extra expenses. Above all, the operation will be swift, and there will be no additional charges. Attestation Guide wants to serve you with top-notch customer service at all times of the day and night.

Our Notable Highlights:

  • India's best certificate attestation services company
  • More than eight years of expertise
  • Excellent client service
  • Quick response
  • Work that is honest
  • A reasonable price
  • Taking up less time
  • A process that is secure
  • Pick-up, as well as drop-off facilities, is provided at no cost
  • The customer service line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which countries need attestation of documents?

    Papers must be authorized by attestation for international use. The technique entails obtaining stamps from the appropriate departments and applying them to the appropriate papers. Attestation is required for countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention. With the exception of these ninety nations, the Hague Convention covers roughly ninety countries, and all of them will accept attestation without difficulty. All papers and certifications must be certified by all necessary agencies, including embassies, in countries where attestation is recognized.

    This is a necessary step because, without it, the documents and certifications would be void in the eyes of the law. The attestation of papers and certifications allows individuals to use them in another country for their personal benefit.

  • Who can attest documents for me?

    Certificate Attestation Services in Delhi are widely available and can help you with this process. The issue emerges when the service provider is unwilling to perform the process appropriately, and even if it is perfect, it is not completed quickly enough. It will take weeks to months if you do the operation yourself, which is why engaging a reliable and government-approved service provider is recommended. We will securely get your documentation via Embassy Attestation because Attestation Guide is a government-authorized attestation services organization. Attestation Guide will also offer low-cost accommodations.

  • What if your documents are laminated?

    On the reverse, the originals are to be attested. If the originals have been laminated, the coating will be removed with the help of our professional experts, and then, the attestation will be completed. If the lamination is attested by yourself, the chance of a flimsy document being harmed, on the other hand, cannot be ruled out. In such cases, we recommend that you hire Attestation Guide.

  • Will I have to pay for picking up the documents?

    Attestation Guide provides free pick-up and drop-off services. While we complete all of the necessary work for attesting your documents, you will be able to relax in the comfort of your own home. The only cost you'll have to pay is for the attestation services, which are similarly reasonably priced. We will safely drop off all of your credentials at your house after they have been validated.

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